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LUNDI MATIN publishes a unique omnichannel software suite that removes the barriers between physical and online commerce.

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Do you have a need? LUNDI MATIN has the solution

Succeed in digitizing your business with the software suite developed by LUNDI MATIN. Our software helps our customers achieve their objectives: develop their sales, open a new sales channel, optimize the management of their business, and better manage their business on a daily basis.

Cashing out my customers

Whatever the size of your business, LUNDI MATIN has developed a cash register solution that allows you to quickly and easily make all your cash receipts.

Manage my business

Management of estimates, invoices, catalogs, stocks, customer reminders… LM ERP is your daily partner to ensure your commercial management and analyze your activity.

Implement an omnichannel strategy

With LUNDI MATIN software, you can eliminate the boundaries between physical and online commerce. Data is shared and synchronized in real time regardless of the sales channel.

LUNDI MATIN, a software publisher with recognized expertise

For more than 15 years, LUNDI MATIN has been a key player in the field of management software, online sales and cash register software. Thanks to the agility of its organization and its all-in-one solutions, LUNDI MATIN enables its clients, small and medium-sized businesses, franchise networks and large groups to increase their productivity.

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Software that adapts to your business

LUNDI MATIN publishes a suite of software that responds to the problems of different professions and sectors of activity.

Independent retailers

The Retail cash register software allows you to cash in quickly, to manage your customers, your loyalty, your products and your stocks. You want to sell online ? LM Caisse Retail integrates an omnichannel back-office allowing to centralize the data management between all the sales channels.

Independent restaurant owners

The Hospitality cash register software allows you to easily manage your restaurant’s cash receipts. Menus management, integration of the means of payment, remote control server, LM Caisse Food offers you a 360° management tool for your establishment.

Franchise networks

LUNDI MATIN’s software suite allows you to reconcile the autonomy and independence necessary for your franchisees, while having a global and consolidated vision of your entire network.

Department stores

LUNDI MATIN offers innovative and efficient payment solutions, allowing you to imagine new shopping paths, while easily integrating with your existing IS.

Large and mid-sized stores

Opt for the performance and agility of LUNDI MATIN solutions for your retail network. LUNDI MATIN’s cash register software allows you to modernize your existing cash register system, while integrating perfectly with your IS.

Service providers

You need to manage your sales, your subscriptions, evaluate the time spent and have a clear vision on your files ? LM ERP is a complete and performing management software to manage your activity.


Thanks to LM ERP, manage your activity simply by accessing the key functionalities adapted to your business: estimate management, invoice management, sales follow-up, accounting.

Nomadic businesses

Whether you are a retailer or a restaurant owner, LUNDI MATIN publishes a cash register software adapted to your activity that allows you to make your cash receipts on the move, with all the constraints that this entails: off-line cash receipts, light hardware, rapid deployment, etc.